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  • Strong solid shed suitable for all storage purposes
  • Five horse stables made from timber.
  • Three double doors on timber shed
  • Office with shed attached
  • Two outdoor rooms
  • Wooden Gates

North-East Timber Creations

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Welcome to the North East Timber Creations!

  • We are Ireland’s leading manufacturer of top quality timber garden products.
  • We aim to provide reliable and visually appealing products that will enhance the look and overall feel of your garden.
  • We deliver and assemble our products nationwide.





NETC produces top quality garden products: Garden sheds, outdoor rooms, stables, field shelters; playhouses, timber decking; arbours; gazebos; timber Gates and fences as well as laying down patios and Landscape Gardens.


We give the best prices around and all our prices are inclusive of VAT and include delivery and assembly. Talk to us before you buy and we promise you won’t regret it.


Whether it is a home office, a teenage den, art studio, or a private gym, our outdoor rooms are designed for all your family needs. We also lay the concrete bases as part of the job and no distance is too far for us.



NETC Garden Sheds 

are Ireland’s leading manufacturer of top quality timber garden products and our aim is to provide reliable and visually appealing products that will enhance the look and overall feel of your garden.

We all need a garden shed because it gives us a place to store all of the stuff that inevitably builds up over the years. These could be our garden tools, various equipment, pots, plants, boxes of odds and ends and more. But often when buying a new shed we are limited by what size of a garden we have or the price.

But at North-East Timber Creations this is not a problem, because we will build to suit your requirements and have a price range to suit everyone.

To make enquires, ask advice or place an order; simply just ring +353 (0)85 1680076 or +353 (0)42 9330356.

 Garden Sheds Dundalk

12'x12' Shiplap garden shed with canopy, side windows and apex roof.

North-East Timber Creations offer their customers a wide range of timber sheds at competitive prices. The Shiplap or logboard sheds or garages are available at all sizes small to large to very large, such as our double or triple garages.

Timber shed with slanting glass windows on one side for attracting heat on plants.

  • Treating Timber

    Treated timber is a timber product that has been treated with a preservative to improve the timber’s resistance to attack by wood destroying fungi and wood destroying borers and termites. In other words, the timber’s durability is enhanced to a level which is suitable for use in an intended application. However, the “treatment” does not afford the timber protection against weathering.

  • Treating Timber

    Treating timber products will not necessarily extend its lifespan, but always paint untreated softwoods with a wood preservative. You may wish to leave new hardwood and pressure-treated softwood to weather naturally. You can revive hardwoods such as teak by sanding lightly and applying oil such as linseed oil. Or simply leave them au naturel. Oak turns a lovely silvery grey when left.

  • Treating Timber

    In order to maintain the original appearance, give wood a coat of oil, varnish or paint once a year. When sprucing up old wood where the paint or varnish is flaking, use a remover or restorer first before reapplying.